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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Supreme Court Fight Club

The state Supreme Court ruled yesterday that a grand jury could continue investigate Louis DeNaples, owner of Mount Airy Casino.

Of course, John Baer broke this story over the weekened, when Justice Castille told him the ruling was coming - after telling him, "I told my staff if I got enough drinks and saw you here I was gonna punch you right in the [expletive - the big one - deleted] nose"

Ladies and gentleman ... your next Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Castille was upset over Baer's column which linked him to friends of DeNaples. Castille thinks that his ruling demonstrates the integrity of the court. Baer writes:

"Well, the fix is not in . . . next week [meaning this week] I'm issuing a decision that lets the grand jury go forward," [Castille] says.

News, I think, actual news.

I say, well, that's only because I caught you guys about to put the fix in.

"I know you [expletive - not the bad one - deleted] will say that," says he.

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