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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Beaver nonprofit pays top dollar to senator's wife

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Sen. Gerald LaValle's wife's compensation ($102,076, plus a $9,695 pension benefit) to run a non-profit charity that has been funded primarily with taxpayer money through government grants.

In 2005, 56% of all revenues to her charity were for salaries. The industry standard is 15%, according to Charity Navigator which is a national nonprofit watchdog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, in our area, some political people tend to think of the public treasury as one big personal buffet to which they can help themselves at will. It's so wrong, and yet many of these entrenched dinosaurs feel entitled to enrich themselves as if public service were some enormous burden for which they must be compensated at a high level.

I feel the need to point out that, in the case of the Lavalle's, that family's public service has been compensated to an unprecedented level. In addition to receiving a salary for serving in the Marine Reserves, teaching school, and serving as an elected county commissioner and state legislator, Gerry Lavalle will receive well over $100,000 annually in pensions plus free health care insurance for life.

While I have no quarrel with paying pensions to those that earn them, the abject greed of the Lavalles over the last couple of years is difficult to comprehend. In July 2005, Senator Lavalle voted himself a $35,000 annual raise, and, even after the State Supreme Court declared it illegal, he refused to repay it. As this weeks news revealed, at about the same time, Senator Lavalle was funneling even more state tax dollars to his wife’s organization, and, given the choice of helping needy people in Beaver County she gave herself a 134% raise. This stuff borders on the criminally insane.

We need an intervention.