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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Be careful what you put on your Facebook page

I have seen several media stories about Giuliani's daughter's Facebook page, in which she joined an "Obama for President Group," but don't know why. But I will use this to caution the Facebook and MySpace users I know to be careful what they put on their page, and also to note:
1) The FBI should be investigating the pedophile who was cyber-stalking Giuliani's 17-year old daughter.
2) Either you can't believe everything you see on Facebook, or I look exactly like a mid-1980s Steve Guttenberg, shirtless.


Think Responsibly said...

You also do not want kids according to MySpace.

Do you feel that this information on Guliani's daughter is an acceptable media story or an invasion of privacy?

Nathan Benefield said...

I consider it a non-story. I don't know that I would call it at "invasion of privacy", as she put the information on her site, but I do think anyone using facebook, myspace, and other sites - espcially children and their parents - needs to take caution what they post, as these sites are the favorites of stalkers, pedophiles, and tabloid journalists.