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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another reason why there's no money for bridges

Another story about taxes ostensibly to be used for transportation are going to Pork:

That's because — thanks to state funding — PPL is installing 88 new sidewalk lights along Prince, Queen and James streets in an effort to boost safety and complement the ambiance of the neighborhoods. ...

Expanding the project farther toward downtown, however, may be more difficult than simply changing a light bulb. That's because state money (used for the current project) and federal funding (slated for a future expansion) come with different stipulations. ...

Federal transportation dollars will be used to pay for additional lights that would extend down Queen and Prince streets to at least Vine Street — and maybe as far as Farnum Street — Katzenmoyer said. ...

That contract will have to be put out for public bidding, Katzenmoyer said, meaning PPL isn't guaranteed to get the contract unless its proposal is the least expensive.

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