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Friday, June 29, 2007

Taxes on the Poor

NCPA report looks at how certain taxes disproportionately fall on low income holder - specifically taxes on tobacco, alcohol, and the most regressive of all, lottery/gambling.

Funny how those all seem to be part of the Rendell agenda (then again, so are a whole lot of other taxes).


JCARD3352 said...

I don't consider lotto a tax on the poor. It is a dumb decision on the peoples part, but not a tax. Also the other taxes you mentioned applie to everyone rcih and poor.



Nathan Benefield said...

JCard - only about 60% of lotto spending goes to prizes, the rest goes to state government. That makes it a 40% tax on lottery sales.

While rich and poor both pay these taxes, the conclusion of the study was that the taxes are "regressive", meaning these taxes take a larger share of the income of poor households.