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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

4 Bills In 5 Months

WGAL (NBC 8) with a story on the sluggish pace of the full time Pennsylvania legislature. So far this year, they have passed only 4 bills - two renaming bridges and two to transfer land among government bodies.

Whew, good thing the House voted down allowing roll-call voting on final passage to ensure no ghost voting was occuring - that might "grind the chamber to a halt", according to Pete DeCoursey.

Chris Lilik weighs in, noting "In one sense, it's a victory that they haven't passed more laws requiring dogs to wear seatbelts," said activist Chris Lilik, of the Young Conservatives of Pa.

And WGAL's poll shows an overwhelming number of respondents think it is time to go back to a part-time legislature.

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