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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Perzel Turned Away From Budget Meeting

Capitolwire story on John Perzel's quest to be included in the budget negotiations, see summary on GrassrootsPA.com. Three things about are troubling:

1) That John Perzel is trying to ensure the budget negotiations fail, until he comes in to "make a deal" with Rendell that will help to return him to the Speaker's chair (I thought last time he ran for speaker he promised to promote fiscal responsibility and oppose Rendell's initiatives - at least, that is what he promised Daryl Metcalfe.

2) Vince Fumo was allowed to participate, despite no longer being Appropriations Chair. This was justified because while Perzel lost his leadership post because the members didn't vote for him, Fumo merely had to resign because he was under indicted for (among other things) mis-appropriating state money for personal use. Exactly the guy you want in the budget negotiations.

3) That they are already holding closed doors meetings to discuss the budget - I guess that vote in the House on the budget and on Rep. Civera's alternate budget was, as well as any work done in the Senate, is all just for show.

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