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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bill to raise minimum wage gets House's OK

Economics is once again trumped by political rhetoric in Harrisburg. Who can be against boosting the pay of someone on the lowest rung of the wage ladder? Unfortunately, by raising the rung, Harrisburg's finest will be knocking a few people off it and keeping others from reaching it in the first place.

Read about it in the Patriot-News.

1 comment:

Internet Esquire said...

It's hard to know exactly where you stand on raising the minimum wage, but I've found that the minimum wage debate is steeped in ignorance on both sides. As noted by libertarian economist Steve Landsburg, there is less and less empirical evidence to indicated that the minimum wage is the great job killer that most other economists believe it to be. Nonetheless, if your objective is to help the working poor, expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit is a much more effective and equitable way of doing so than raising the minium wage.