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Friday, June 02, 2006

And you probably thought the Soviet Union collapsed!

The union water-boys at the Keystone Research Center had Paul Krugman in Harrisburg last night, as reported in the Patriot-News.

Gotta love Krugman's solutions for our economic woes. Here are just two: (1) Raise the minimum wage (no number given, but we'd suggest the Major League Baseball mininum of $327,000), (2) and strengthen labor unions (by government coercion, of course, since unions can't get workers to VOLUNTARILY join and pay dues, fees, and for political patronage). But my personal favorite is Krugman's notion that we need to "find a reincarnation of FDR."

With such outside-the-box and innovative thinking, I'm sure upset I missed that event last night!

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Anonymous said...

The reason why many unions have trouble organizing is because Republican presidents have not enforced U.S. labor laws and have turned a blind eye to unfair labor practices by employers and have engaged in systematic well-funded anti-union campaigns.