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Monday, May 22, 2006

Perzel takes up state pension issue

House Speaker Perzel names a panel on state pension and retiree medical benefits to study the issues identified in the Commonwealth Foundation's Pension Study. Perzel even suggests setting up 401(k) style retirement plans, to bring government more in line with the private sector, as our report suggests.

1 comment:

Airborne Eagle said...

What's the likelihood of anything being accomplished prior to the election? Rendell has already ticked off state workers by freezing their pay at various points during his administration and by negotiating the increase in co-pay and paycheck contribution for medical benefits.
Not saying they weren't needed, but Rendell would be foolish to allow anything through that could be perceived as chipping more from the 80,000 or so state workers.
Does the Assembly have the stomach for the fight, either? I don't know. Although it may be a real issue, the public isn't burning with desire to see it addressed. I can't see a lot of effort before November when there's more high profile issues to bat around. My two cents.