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Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Property Tax Relief Scholarship Act

It is "like throwing gasoline on a fire," said G. Terry Madonna, a political science professor at Franklin & Marshall College in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Reivew. The idea is "definitely worth consideration," said Erik Arneson, chief of staff for Senate Majority Leader David "Chip" Brightbill, R-Lebanon County.

"It's a pretty dramatic shift from existing proposals and we're not convinced this is the time and place for this debate," said Kelly Fedeli, spokeswoman for House Majority Leader Sam Smith, R-Punxsutawney in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Rendell's office had no comment in the Patriot-News. Senate Minority "Leader" Bob Mellow did though: "That's the most ridiculous and absurd thing I ever heard." [We understand where you're coming from Bob. At least you're consistent in choosing your campaign funders -- school labor unions -- over taxpayers, parents, and children.]

1 comment:

Conservative Goddess said...

The Marginal Per-Pupil Cost Model appears to be the only viable option. Under the 100% per-pupil model, districts would be left holding the bag for fixed costs, AND property tax relief. That just doesn't add up.

Under the 100% per-pupil model, where would the additional money come from to cover the fixed costs? The state? Aren't we creating a program flawed by circular logic???