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Monday, February 06, 2006

Mentality of Minimum Wage Supporters

The Morning Call is reporting that House Republicans may be the only barrier between Rendell and his labor union buddies' artificial increas in the labor costs in PA.

One of the more telling comments, however, comes from the prime sponsor of the union-backed proposal Mark Cohen. After storming out of a committee meeting where the majority Republicans gave an unusual "negative recommendation" on the measure, Cohen said: "This sends a terrible message about how little Pennsylvania government values its workers."

This comment is revealing of the paternalistic approach of too many politicians. They honestly believe that if were not for their efforts to artificially increase the starting wage, everybody would be paid "slave wages." According to Cohen and many others like him (on both sides of the aisle, mind you) government is the only entity that truly "cares" and "values" us workers for the state.

Cohen is right in one sense. We are the governments' workers first and foremost. The average Pennsylvania must work from January 1 to mid-April just to pay his tax bills. THIS is the truly "terrible message about how little Pennsylvania government values its workers."

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