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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Maryland Senate seeks control over Wal-Mart

The Maryland Senate voted to override the governor's veto of the "Wal-Mart Bill" (Financial News - Yahoo! Finance), so called because it applies only to one company in the state - Wal-Mart. The bill mandates that Wal-Mart pay at least 8% of its payroll on health care for employees (or pay the state the difference), regardless of whether Wal-Mart can obtain health coverage for less.

Regulation of Wal-Mart's health care payments will be overseen by Gosplan.


AlexC said...

As if compelling them to pay 8% for health insurance is not bad enough, if they get a deal can pay say 5% for health insurance the other THREE goes to Maryland.

I predict that Maryland Wal-Mart workers will get screwed in the end.

Ryan Shafik for Delegate!

Matthew Best said...

I think the old line state needs a new slogan - so here's a few of my thoughts:

Maryland - Killing jobs one business at a time.

Maryland - A little bit of New England governance in the Mid-Atlantic.

Maryland - Forcing our residents to travel farther to get what they need.

Maryland - The spend more state.

Blue Cross of California said...

Interesting to hear how Maryland is working to improve health care in the state.